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Friday, December 13, 2019

10 Happy Birthday Wishes

May God bless you, on this special day

Happy Birthday! May this special day, God bless you with much happiness. That in life you always find reasons to smile and give thanks.

And that in moments of difficulty you do not lack hope and faith in God. Always fight for your dreams, but don't be discouraged by failures. God has a plan for you, so be patient and trust Him.

Today is another year in your life

Today you are one more year in your life and I'm very happy for you. I wish you happiness and may all your dreams come true. Happy Birthday!

Have fun and take advantage of every moment of this date. And every day enjoy life to the fullest. All the good that happens to you will be because you deserve it, and the not so good will serve to make you stronger.

I will always be here to celebrate your triumphs with you and to support you when you need it. Congratulations!

Enjoy this day with enthusiasm

Happy Birthday!
Enjoy this day
with enthusiasm and in company
of the people who more
You love the world. Than
the joy be constant and
Receive many gifts.

But what the best of
all gifts are
the love and affection of
They love you I wish you
congratulations and that you comply
Many more years of life.

I wish you many years of life

You look better every year,
because of you notice happiness,
the desire to conquer,
the joy of living.
Today is another year,
and I wish you many more.
If there were more people like you,
The world would be a better place.
Your energy is spread,
your smile lights the hearts
around you and your generosity
It is a blessing.
You are a wonderful person
and you deserve the best that life
I can give you. Happy Birthday!

Take advantage of this new year of life

When a new year begins, new opportunities and doors open. Today you are living that moment, and I wish you to take advantage of every experience that this new year will bring you. Happy Birthday!

May you never lack health so that you can enjoy everything well, and the strength to overcome all difficulties.

Ask for many wishes

Today is your day and you should celebrate it with great joy. Happy Birthday! Ask for many wishes that I will ask to come true. You deserve it.

You are a brilliant individual, with mind-blowing characteristics and a heart the size of the world. I love you so much and I'm glad to be celebrating another year of your life.

May your happiness increases every day and may you be closer to your dreams. Congratulations!

Happy Birthday I wish you the best

Happy Birthday! May this day be special and live it big. And may your life be long and full of happiness. I wish you the best since you merit it.

You are a person with a big heart and it is a gift to have you close. Never stop fighting for your dreams or let yourself fall for failures. Each day get up wanting to conquer the world and so it will be. I believe in you!

Congratulations hug, to a distant person

For you who are so far away, today I send you a tight hug of congratulations and full of nostalgia. Happy Birthday!

I hope your special day goes by with joy and in the best company. May you receive much love and fulfill many more years of life. I wish you many congratulations, good health, love and success for your whole life. Be happy!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday! May you have a great time and may every moment lived to be of joy. May happiness be constant in your life and you never lack health and love.

Enjoy this date and ask for many wishes so that you can start in the best way one more year of life.

I hope you are always happy

!Happy Birthday! I wish you to be happy always and never lack love, peace, and health in your life.

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